Who are we?

RTCD is a concept born out of the cumulative experience of some of the most globally accomplished career and education experts; with consulting and research paper online domyhomework training experiences spanning several countries, demographics and career levels. Our core Competence has been extensive and ongoing research & analysis of global and local career options and cutting edge training methodologies.

RTCD excels in evaluating and creating “w-holistic” as well as financially viable career development plans that seeks to address your career aspirations, while factoring in crucial elements like your interests and aptitude. RTCD has extensive experience of having successfully guided candidates from various – career levels (high school students – working professionals), nationalities and demographics.

So whether you are…

– A High school student unclear about your career choices.

– A Parent worried about your child’s future

– An entry level professional confused about career & growth options.


 Let us introduce you to possibilities that you never knew of.


We at RTCD – fully understand and appreciate that – Knowledge and Education is a tool that should empower you to fulfill your career aspirations, create a better future for yourself and improve your quality of life. Hence all our resources, recommendations & guidance at RTCD are tailored to help you attain that objective.

Often the first step toward achieving the same starts with “CONFUSION”. We at RTCD understand that it is perfectly normal to be confused about career options- whether you are a high school student or even a mid-level professional with a few years of experience under your belt. RTCD consultants specialize in identifying and pursuing career paths that help you excel and fulfill your objectives.

Education & Career Development research paper online domyhomework is an investment -in terms of time and money – we at RTCD we strive to ensure that you stand to get the maximum possible “return on your investment”

If you are…

– Confused about your career options – Thinking about repatriating to your home country for higher education – Not sure about your chances in top International universities – Worried about costs to pursue your dream career – Need overall expert guidance for your career and growth.


RTCD should be your next stop.