RTCD employs cutting edge of technology and extensive online infrastructure, ensuring you don’t misplace your course material, miss any of your classes, and are able to attend lectures on specific topics at your own convenience at will.


You will be speaking to some of the most experienced education experts and consultants with an exceptional track record of having consulted over a 1000 candidates at various career levels.


Once you are with us, all our resources are dedicated to the singular purpose of ensuring that you get into an entity that provides you with the best possible starting point for your career. To date have a 100% track record of successfully guiding students and professionals.

One-time fee

RTCD charges a one-time fee irrespective of the duration you are enrolled with us or the number of universities we apply to.

No Agents

We are not AGENTS for any university and all our recommendations are based purely on what is best for you and no other considerations.